Following the trail of the Hasidic masters


On the request of many we will organise a Hasidic journey in Eastern Europe again in 2019. This year we will follow the trail of Hasidic masters in Poland. We will stay in the places where they lived and visit the material remains that are left: old synagogues, cemetaries, shtetls (old Jewish villages and towns). We will walk in the woods where the Hasidic masters travelled. We will follow in their footsteps literally and figuratively. Except a physical journey through their towns and roads, this is also a spiritual journey. We will study their texts, meditate like they meditated, sing their nigunim (melodies). And we will meet representatives of contemporary Jewish life in this region, the living continuation of the old predecessors. On our program we find Warschaw, Piaseczno, Ger, Koziniece, Przysucha, Kazimiers Dolny, Lublin,  Izbica, Lizhensk, Krakow.

Get acquainted with  the masters:

The Choze of Lublin

Magid of Koziniece

Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk

Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Przysucha

R Kalmish o Krakow

Yehuda Leib Alter of Ger

Kalonymos K.Shapira, rebbe of Piasetzno and Warshaw

Rabbi Mordechai Leiner of Izbica


Road map: program IVORY (unforeseen changes reserved)

When: May 7-14 Guides: never change a winning team! Our guides are again tour guide Wilma Menko, magid and singer Shura Lipovsky and rabbi Hannah Nathans.

Travel agent: IVORY travels Info and registration: mail tour guide Wilma Menko for questions about content:  Mail or call  IVORY travels for a program, questions about organisation, info about costs, and for registration: , telephone 0297-532927.

Costs: Early bird prices till januari 17:

26 persons or more: 1633 euro per person in a double room

less than 26 persons: 1722 euro per person in a double room

surcharge for a single room 197  euro

After januari 17 the price will go up.

Organised in cooperation with PaRDeS: