Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi: ‘G’d is the name that man attaches to the Origin of the Voice’

Spirituality is part of every aspect of life. Ein od milevado, there is nothing but G’d. This is the reality in which we live. Therefore all aspects of Judaism ultimately seek to both reveal and infuse   spiritual meaning in our lives. Chassidut (Jewish spiritual experience) , halacha (Jewish law), kabbala (Jewish mysticism), and haskalah (Jewish enlightenment) all play important roles in this sacred enterprise.

We believe Judaism can only continue if we have a thorough knowledge of and respect for the tradition and if it is constantly renewed. ‘Chadesh jamenu kekedem’ (Echa 5:21), renew our days as of old. Tradition is not conserving the  ashes, but the passing on and rekindling of the fire. Only that fire can inspire us. Therefore we can  have both a deep love for the traditional liturgy, and equally for renewed liturgy. As the Chassidic master Dov Baer, the magid of Mezzeritch, said: ‘To rekindle the flame, we have to search for the sparks in the ashes’.

To quote rabbi Arthur green: we feel as committed to the Jewish future as to the Jewish past. The Judaism we want to live does not forget the past. The immeasurable grief we as European and World Jewry have suffered will always be part of us. At the  same time we need to work towards a positive future, in which the great blessings of Judaism will fully flourish, so that we will contribute to the healing of the world, tikkun olam, and the healing of our souls, tikkun nefesh. Not fear, but the desire for transformation is our drive as we strive to create a joyful Judaism.

We hope both for a Judaism that does not isolate itself, and one that keeps its own singularity at the same time. We can be inspired by all Jewish traditions and movements, and also by other spiritual traditions. Many inspired us. One we want to mention by name, our great inspirator is rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, may his memory be a blessing. He showed us how one could be traditionally Jewish, and at the same time open for continuous spiritual renewal.

HaMakor is allied with Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal, a transdenominational movement to revitalise Judaism.