Rabbi Hannah Nathans

The nature and process of giyur, doctoral thesis. Available on request.

Can someone in the process of conversion serve as shali’ach tzibbur? In: Daniel Siegel, Renewing ger toshav; opening the gates that more may enter to praise God (2017) part 2

5 Tamuz 5774 / juli 3 2014 the founder of  Jewish Renewal rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, may his memory be a blessing, passed on.  download NIW in memoriam rZAlman0001 (dutch)

Can someone in the process of conversion serve as shaliach tzibbur? senior project halakha Aleph Ordination program 2013. Available on request.

A root bearing wormwood and gall; the 20th century Hasidism of Shalom Noach Berezovsky. Master thesis Hebrew language and culture University of Amsterdam 2011. Download

The interface of the psychology of type and kabbalah, TALK, jan.2005

Three levels of learning, three levels of consciousness, Enneagram Monthly 68, december 2000; republished in Enneagram Monthly 237, februari/march 2018, pdf: EM 237

The enneagram and the tree of life, states of consciousness, Enneagram Monthly 58, februari 2000; republished in Enneagram Monthly 237, februari/march 2018,  pdf: EM 237

The Enneagram and the tree of life, psychology and spirituality, Quest, Issue no 6, september 1999

Books in English:

The enneagram at work (Cyan/Scriptum 2004). Klik hier voor meer info.

José de Kwaadsteniet MA

Be-orcha nirè or / In Your light we see Light, The Amida. The last three years José de Kwaadsteniet has intensivily studied, both cognitively and spiritually,  one of the most important prayers from our tradition: the Amida. Her paper is available on request.