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Hannah Nathans, The enneagram at work

The enneagram is an age old psychospiritual system of 9 personality types, that belongs to the archetypical knowledge  of mankind. It is strongly influenced by the kabbalistic tree of life.

Insight in our own enneatype helps us to improve our self management and to reach a higher degree of personal mastery. It forms the basis for spiritual development. Insight in our own type and that of others helps us to improve the communication with family and other personal relations, and to enhance the effectivity  of our cooperation with team members, colleagues, employees and clients. Because we better understand what motivates different people, our social intelligence increases. We are beter able to understand how others interpret a situation, to deal with their sensitivities, and to help them to be the best version of themselves.

What makes this book different from other enneagram books is that it does not use the stereotyped images of the enneatypes. Every individual is still an individual. Every eneatype has thousands of possible variations. The types are not static, every enneatype ha a characteristic path of development. This book offers interventions, exercises, practices and paths of development, on three levels of learning. In essence the enneagram is a model of transformation. Also the connection is discussed between enneagram and the kabbalistic tree of life, on which the enneagram is based.

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