Tehillim as spiritual practice, shabbaton


The ancient poetry of the Tehillim (psalms) has a deep spiritual power, a power we have forgotten in our time. This Shabaton will open for you the door to this universe. The singing of psalms is not just singing songs, but a spiritual practice that helps us access the strem of Divine energy.

We are very happy to announce that chazan Jalda Rebling from Berlin is coming to the Netherlands again! She will give  a workshop Tehillim as spiritual practice and will be the hazan for our shabbaton. Another joyful event!


Jalda: ‘Let´s sing, let´s chant, let´s bless our lifes!’

 In this workshop we will experience and recreate the beauty and deep energy of the ancient poetry. Jalda’s mother z.l. used to say: vart nisht oyf a nes, zog T´hillim – don’t wait for a wonder, say psalms.

We will examine why in the current liturgy the psalms often are a classical composition, or why we only use bits and pieces of it. We will experience how the ancient way of saying Tehillim, which the Talmud teaches, will open for us doors to a new appreciation of the ancient poetry.

In our shabbaton we will give special attention to the Tehillim of shabbath and to the special psalm that belongs to the parasha van de week, Pekudé.


Friday  march 11

5 pm               Meet & greet

5.30 pm          Introduction to the Tehillim Shabaton; what does the Talmud say about the singing of psalms?

7 pm               Kabbalat Shabbat service

8 pm               Kiddush  and shabbath potluck meal

Saturday march 12

10:00 am        Shacharit service with Tehillim chanting ; Torah study

12:00               Kiddusch and lunch (potluck)

13:30 pm        The beauty of the poetry of the Tehillim and how their ancient energy is radically modern

15:30 pm        Tea break

15:45 pm        The deep spirituality of Tehillim

18:00 pm        Seuda shlishit, the third Shabbath meal: singing and chanting of Tehillim,  story telling

20.00               Havdalah

Sunday march 13

10:00 am        How are the  Tehillim a blessing for us today?

Can Tehillim become our Torah , and how?

How can their spiritual power become a part  of our daily practice?

Let´s sing, let´s chant, let´s bless our lifes!

12:00              End

Bio Jalda Rebling

Hazan Jalda Rebling got her Smicha as hazan in 2007 from ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

She is a very experienced specialist for Jewish music from the early Middle Ages to modern times.

She edited 11 LP´s and CD´s with jewish music.

She is cofounder of Ohel HaChidusch the first Jewish Renewal community in Germany.

She teaches for EAJL, the European Academy for Jewish Liturgy, and in the ALEPH cantorial program.



Location Amsterdam

Teacher  hazan Jalda Rebling from Berlijn

Services and seuda shlishit  rabbijn Hannah Nathans en hazan Jalda Rebling

In cooperation with PaRDeS

Costs 50 euro

Registration and payment, go to registration form