Virtual European Minyan


Many people longing for Jewish community live in an area where there is no Jewish life at all, or where the only branch of Jewish life is not the path of one’s soul. Therefore a number of Jewish Renewal and Reconstructionist rabbi’s and hazanim from different European countries

  • rabbi Barbara Aiello (Italy)
  • hazan Leah Frey Rabiner (Germany, Sweden)
  • hazan Daniel Kempin (Germany)
  • rabbi Rebecca Lillian (Danmark)
  • rabbi Hannah Nathans (Netherlands)
  • hazan Jalda Rebling (Germany)

offer a monthly minyan online, usually last Sunday of the month, 8 pm, mincha in summer, ma’ariv in winter.

Anybody who is interested in inspiring and uplifting services, Torah study and Jewish meditation is welcome to join us. We meet on Zoom. You can download the free version at


If you are interested, please register with Leah: She will send you the inlog details.