Jewish meditation



Unknown to many, Jewish meditation has been part of the Jewish tradition since thousands of years. For two reasons it went underground. In ancient times it was deemed too dangerous for common people and became esoteric teaching for the scholarly elite. The haskalah, the Jewish Enlightenment movement, which arose end of the 18th century, aimed at a rational Judaism. It is high time we reclaim our spiritual heritage and bring it out into the open for all to practice!

From the time of the Torah till today, meditation, next to prayer, has been a way of coming nearer to the Holy One. Meditation also will help you to get more grip on your life, to reach your heart’s  desire with less effort, to deal more effectively with frustrations, and to improve your relationships.

Judaism knows many kinds of meditation. In 10 monday nights on zoom and 2 sunday afternoons live we will study them and practice them.


The course is in Dutch. See here  for dates, registration and payment.