We offer open courses and also courses in house. If you are interested in a class, lecture, workshop etc. in your community, please send an  email

We teach the following subjects, among others:

  • Animal well being
  • Chassidut
  • Gilgul (reincarnation)
  • Halacha (new)
  • Jewish ethics
  • Jewish meditation
  • Jewish renewal
  • Jewish thoughts on life after death
  • Jewish spiritual practices
  • Kabbalah
  • Musar
  • Rabbinic texts
  • Refuah, healing of body and soul
  • Tehillim, psalms
  • Torah and Tanakh
  • Tefilah, prayer, davvening
  • Tikkun hanefesh, healing of the soul
  • Tikkun olam, healing of the world
  • etc.

Jewish spirituality is not withdrawing from the world, though it does not hurt to do that from time to time. Jewish spirituality is also realising Jewish values in daily life. A preferably daily practice helps to develop your spirituality.