Spiritual counseling

photo Hannah Nathans

The Kotzker rebbe: “G’d is present where we let Him in” 

Spiritual counseling, also called spiritual companionship, or spiritual direction, helps you to explore, experience and deepen our relationship with the Divine, the Holy One, the Mystery, the Source of all, the All, the Beloved, the Cosmos, that what many paople call G’d. You become more aware of the spiritual in the ordinary and the extraordinary  in life. This may be life changing, and may lead to experiencing more love, joy, rest, compassion  and focus in life. If one or more of the following themes apply to you, this may be something for you:

  • You want to be more aware of the Divine in daily life
  •  You want to explore the spiritual meaning of what is happening in your life
  • You have a desire to sense the Presence of haShem
  • You want to explore what G’d means to you
  • You are looking for (more) meaning in life
  • You want to give the longing of your soul a place in life
  • You hope to become who you essentially are
  • You hope to find a focus in life that is your spiritual path
  • You would like support when having to take difficult decisions or in difficult periods
  • You want to develop your prayer practice,or other Jewish spiritual practices
  • You feel a desire to develop or deepen your personal relationship with G’d
  • You want to be more grounded in own spiriutual tradition, or you want to free yourself from what does not fit anymore, without throwing out the child with the bath water

Spiritual counseling is possible individually or in a small group, and can also be done by skype or telephone.