Kalla Jewish Spirituality


International Kalla Jewish Spirituality, Amsterdam november 25-26, 2016

together with the University of Amsterdam and PaRDeS

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Academic lectures and experiential workshops, great Jewish Renewal style services and havdalah, meeting kindred spirits, in depth stuff and fun!

The speakers and workshop leaders are all professionals in their field with many years of experience. Already committed:

  • Daniel Beaupain
  • Rabbi Tamarah Benima
  • Petra ter Berg BA and Cocky Fortuin-van der Spek MA
  • Rabbi Lynn Feinberg, Oslo
  • Hazan Cindy Freedman, USA
  • Dr. Leo Mock
  • Rabbi Hannah  Nathans
  • Hazan Jalda Rebling, Berlijn
  • Rabbi Eva Sax Bolder, USA
  • Dr. David Sclar, USA,  Key note Friday!
  • Rabbijn Larry Tabick, UK,  Key note Saturday!
  • Heide Warncke MA and Ruth Peeters MA
  • Prof. dr. Irene Zwiep

Language is english, unless only Dutch speakers and presenters are present in a workshop.

The kalla is open to all.



Complete kalla 149 euro. Early bird price 119 euro. Early bird discount till oktober 1.

UvA students for free. Other students 35 euro.

Only day 1: 95 euro. Early bird price 79 euro! Early bird discount till oktober 1.

Only day 2: 85 euro. Early bird price 69 euro! Early bird discount till oktober 1.

Only 1 service: 10 euro.

If the price would prevent you to participate, please send an email. Spirituality should be accessable to everyone.

At the other hand it would be highly appreciated if you could pay  more. Please help to make it possible that everybody can participate! 

Register now and profit from our early bird discount!  Registration 


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