Rabbi Hannah Nathans



Rabbi Hannah, from patrilineal Jewish descent, was a seeker for a long time. At last she found her spiritual home in Judaism. She converted and eventually became a rabbi.

Hannah  worked for the government and in business, mainly in the fields of training and organisational consulting. Her book on consulting skills, which was a best seller, can be read as skills training or as spiritual training. As one of the first in the Netherlands,  she started to work with the enneagram. The enneagram is a spiritual model for personal growth, that has much in common with kabbalah. She wrote two books about it. Hannah became a Jewish spiritual counselor. After selling her business, Nathans Consultancy, to Rijnconsult, she founded HaMakor, Centre for Jewish Spirituality, and Tikkun, for psychospiritual and transpersonal development. She taught the Enneagram Professional Training Program in the Netherlands, which she co-adapted for Dutch language speakers. She obtained a master in Hebrew language and culture at the University of Amsterdam, and studied to become a rabbi with Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal. She was the last student to receive smicha from rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi, may his memory be a blessing, himself. Jewish Renewal is a neo-chassidic movement, aiming at keeping spirituality in Judaism alive. She was co-founder of Weshachanti betocham, a small chavurah where she lead services, and rabbi of the progressive Jewish congregation Beit ha’Chidush (House of Renewal) in Amsterdam, allied with Liberal Judaism UK.

By this time Hannah is working for  HaMakor and she is the rabbi of the Open Jewish Congregation Klal Yisrael in Delft, the only Reconstructionist congregation in the Netherlands. Here she also leads the two year giyur program (giyur is conversion to Judaism). She is fellow of foundation PaRDeS, Sources of Jewish Wisdom. She teaches Jewish subjects, among others Jewish meditation, Hasidism and Kabbalah, gives spiritual counseling, designs and officiates at inspired life cycle events,  leads services and shabbatons. Together with some Jewish Renewal hazanim she founded the Virtual European Minyan.  She contributes to interreligious events, and is member of the Platform Philosophy and Religion in her place of residence.



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