Sukkot: seuda shlishit in the sukka


Double simcha! What is more inspiring than celebrating Sukkot together in the sukka, on motzae shabbat, outgoing shabbes? We will welcome the ushpizin en ushpizata , the male and female spiritual guests we welcome in our sukka every year. and let us be inspired by them. We will wave the lulav and think about its meaning. We wil say the beracha for eating in the sukka and wonder why especially this beracha. We will enjoy our potluck seuda shlishit, the third meal of shabbat, for which we all bring a vegetarian dish. We will read some relevant texts together, and discuss its meanings for us in this time. We will take leave of the shabbes queen with shabbes songs  and songs that fit Sukkot. And eventually we will make havdala, the ceremony with which we make the transition from shabbat to weekday.

Date : saturday september 29 6 pm

PLace: middle of the country

Costs: 10 euro

Registration: click here.   The number of  places in the sukka is limited , so please hurry to register to prevent disappointment.